A postcard from Venice

As we know today there are very few tourists in Venice: in these weeks, which would already be low season, if you meet a foreign visitor you almost have the feeling that you have just seen a Martian.

Yet I continue to do some photo shoots for couples and families who come to visit the city and ask me to immortalize the memory of this experience for them, to fix in images a moment, I would say, of strange happiness.

When I do these services I realize how much people need an hour of lightheartedness, to take off their mask even just for the moment of the photo, to be able to pretend for a moment that all the problems, fears and uncertainties of the future do not exist.

People contact me asking for a photo shoot to remember their travel, to tell, even to those who had to stay at home, an experience that has something unique: visiting a beautiful city emptied by a pandemic, savoring its essence, reading a new and unedited page of his history.

The photos I am producing seem different to me, even if the palaces and monuments are always in their place, the images are taking on a different meaning. Perhaps the task of witnessing something has been added.