To get a complete reportage of a wedding, I start taking the first pictures during the getting-ready, both of the bride and the groom, possibly with the help of a second shooter, if time and space do not allow me to be in both places before the ceremony.

The getting-ready is always a special moment when bride and groom, surrounded by few relatives and friends in the intimacy of their homes, get dressed for ceremony… trying to keep calm! In those special moments the photos that I take are full of emotion and are usually the ones that couples can’t really wait to see because they reveal to each other what happened when everything had yet to start.

At the end of the getting-ready, I usually precede the bride to ceremony location, shooting her arrival and entry. After this very important moment, I take photos during the ceremony and the main celebration; then I hang around all day during the reception and party, capturing all the best moments of the event.

Photographing a wedding means putting yourself always in the right place, not missing anything crucial and always having a thorough vision of what is going on around you. I never fail to observe what surrounds the newlyweds, winning for them the funniest and nicest moments.



For those who just can’t wait for their wedding day and wish to get some professional photographs, I offer the pre-wedding shooting: a funny and relaxing photo session to get some very spontaneous and natural pictures, possibly taken in a special location using natural sunlight. The photographs can also be used for invitations, rsvp and thank-you cards.

A pre-wedding shooting is a good idea for the couple to get a little familiar with the camera and taste a sample of what to expect from their wedding shooting;

Moreover, a fiancé shooting can also be a unique opportunity to get some professional pics that tell about their love story and catch the couple’s best memories (e.g., during a trip, a special occasion or an anniversary).

For those who wish to make the proposal an unforgettable one, I organize amazing engagement surprises: a unique and unrepeatable moment, that will be remembered forever. I can take care of the event, arrange the best location and time, and make sure everything turns out perfect so that… she will say Yes!


No matter how is made, wherever you find Love you find a family.

That’s why I think family portraits are such an important memory we create to cherish a whole life.

You don’t need a special occasion to get a memory like this: just a day out or a moment in the intimacy of your home:  spending some funny and relaxing time together is enough to get beautiful shots that will tell how joyful it is to share. And if there are children around, well, love multiplies!

A pregnancy photo shooting tells a story about how Love can lead to the miracle of life: I realize unique photo projects where I take pics at regular intervals showing the growth of the baby bump up to the birth.