When the photographer is photographed

One of the most intense moments I experienced recently – and which I highly recommend to all photographers – it’s been being photographed: staying on the other side of the camera is not easy at all!

During a holiday in Vienna, my partner Alessandro and I have been the subjects of a couple photo shooting made by our dear friend and colleague Michele Agostins.

He captured some great shots while we were walking around the most amazing backdrops of Vienna, from the Opera House area to the enchanting Schmetterlinghaus (house of butterflies), a Liberty style greenhouse where hundreds beautiful of tropical butterflies fly free.

Although the weather was not really good, we spent a couple of funny and relaxing hours: to be honest, at first I was feeling so embarrassed, I didn’t know which way to look and I had no idea where to put my hands … briefly, I was not sure how to approach the camera from the other side.

But then, after the very first minutes I just let myself go and looking at myself reflected in the lens was not scaring me anymore, so I managed to enjoy all the shooting and I had so much fun!

It was a bit weird not to have the camera on my hands, but then I discovered that Michele’s secret is to let the subject feel easy, creating a nice atmosphere around them in order to make the poses to be spontaneous and natural.

Alessandro and me really got some beautiful high quality photographs, plus I think this experience was very formative: for a few hours I put myself in my clients shoes and I understand how it feels like to be photographed.

From now on, I want to pay even more attention to the emotional involvement between me and the subject that I portray, because now I know how important it is to feel empathetic.

Photography puts you in front of yourself, and this time I had the chance to really find it out.

Moreover, this year my “training” experience will touch all aspects of wedding sector because..I’m getting married!

I think this can be a unique opportunity to put myself once again on the client side, and this will allow me to see what it means to organize and live the most important day of a lifetime!