Tell me about your Wedding day

It happens many times that I get emails from couples asking me for the quote of a photo shooting where they only indicate the date of their wedding and nothing more.

In these cases, it is impossible for me to prepare an accurate estimate because I miss lots of important information and details.

Let’s start from this: the fare to hire a professional photographer is calculated either hourly (ie the number of hours worked during the event itself and during the photo selection and editing) and counting the distances crossed, taking note of any transport costs and transfers.

For this reason, it is essential that couples who contact me give me at least an idea of the schedules, telling me what time and where the ceremony will take place.

Also, if they wish to get some photos during the getting ready they will have to indicate where the spouses will be and what time, always considering that I usually start shooting the groom preparation and then I go to the place where the bride is getting ready, so that once she’ll be dressed, I will be able to precede her at the ceremony location and shoot her arrival and entry.

Another important thing couples should indicate in the email is the reception location, because I need to calculate times and distances, but not only that: in order to be able to prepare a suitable service it is useful for me to know the schedule of the event, for example if some kind of entertainment is foreseen after the wedding banquet or if a surprise have been prepared for the guests.

Any additional information is useful for me to understand how the event will take place, because every wedding is different and my services are always tailor-made on couples.

To indicate the number of guests can be useful for me to understand if the ceremony will be intimate with just few close friends or if a great party with lots of participants will take place.

The style, theme and color of the wedding are all additional information that can help me capturing every moment focusing on the essential details, always following the fil-rouge of the day.

Not only that: I am always at spouses disposal to give them advices and assistance during the event organization, and I make sure every moment is perfect.

For example, among the most important moments in a wedding is the cutting of the wedding cake: it happens many times that the newlyweds cut their cake in a too dark or narrow space, and this limits the photographer both in the realization of the photos and in being able to include as many elements as possible in the frame. This is why I am always available to help identifying the best space and to decide – together with the location manager – how to organize this important moment.

Finally, I always recommend to hire a photographer who meets the couple style and taste: it is important to know his work before making the final decision, and not just search for the cheapest one.

Since I do this job I have always tried to enter as much as possible in connection with my clients, and I always try to know them in person before their wedding day, because I want to feel the empathy that helps me immerse myself completely in the mood of the event and this is what I think makes my work just special.