The after ceremony photo shooting – a special moment for the newlyweds

Wedding is a complex event, composed of many moments of different intensity.

One of these is the after ceremony, the time between the end of the ritual and the beginning of the reception.

Generally, a welcome drink for guests is foreseen at the party site: now guests can relax a bit, the first bottles are uncorked and the atmosphere becomes immediately lighter;  gentlemen loosen their knot ties, ladies wear comfortable shoes … In the moment of transition from the formality of the ritual to the spontaneity of the celebration, usually the bride and groom take distance from the party together with their photographer to make a couple photo shooting.

And this is one of my favourite moments.

The newlyweds are left alone, the rhythm of the day slows down, there is no one around them; they know each other as husband and wife, they live a brief moment of intimacy in which they can finally dissolve all the tensions and just be themselves.

After a long wait they can look at each other: their dresses, their smiles, their wedding rings… everything is new and somehow still unknown.

They can feel something new is about to start, the atmosphere around them is electric, their hearts are full of joy.

The best day of their lives has finally arrived after many months of preparations.

Right there, away from everyone, the couple share a unique moment and there’s no way I could contaminate with my actions such a private and wonderful situation.

So I just move around the scene, taking pictures without making any noise, I walk slowly so as not to break the atmosphere and make sure that everything flows in the most spontaneous way.

I’m not the kind of photographer who builds forced poses or constructed situations: I just let everything happen in the most natural way.

In that moment, the bride and groom are real, they are excited, there’s no need to build anything around them because everything is already perfect.

Far away you can hear the music of the party and the clinking of glasses, the bride and groom talk softly and laugh excited like a couple on their first date.

For that quick moment, guests can wait until this new couple exchanges new gestures of tenderness and I just try to capture the magic of the scene.