ANFM – an association at clients guarantee

It is with great satisfaction that I can finally announce that I have been selected by ANFM, the Wedding Photographers National Association (the italian acronym for Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti).

ANFM selects the photographers who work in wedding and events sector and make sure they meet some specific quality standards in order to guarantee a professional result to the final client.

Being a photographer is not only having a good equipment and a regular VAT code: being a wedding photographer is mostly a responsibility, and that is the fundamental task of making unique memories of the most important day in a family’s life. And I really think this is not something that anyone can simply do with a camera.

When you hire an ANFM professional photographer for your wedding, you ensure yourself a certain quality of service, professionalism and creativity and – above all – experience. To know how to manage a complex event as a wedding, with all its unexpected moments, is much more than just taking a good image.

Furthermore, ANFM submits its associates to periodic qualitative screening, to always guarantee the customer a careful selection of professionals in the wedding sector.

More: the association organizes events, workshops, classes and competitions for its members throughout Italy, encouraging the creation of a real community of wedding photographers who have the opportunity to share and grow together, keeping each member updated on the latest news in photography.

In addition, each associate signs an ethic code that guarantees transparency and total reliability to clients.

In these latest years, when there are many people who once learned the basics of a camera think to be able to work as photographers, it is important that an association like ANFM gives the possibility to clearly distinguish the professionals to the amateurs.

To me, this is not only an opportunity of professional growth but also a way to propose myself in a clearer way, encouraging myself to always work at my best and to meet the expectations of all my future clients.

See my profile on the ANFM website here.