Engagement surprise at the Florian Cafè

Last week I had the chance to shoot an engagement surprise in Venice in the beautiful St. Marks’ Square. Sitting at the tables of the historical Caffè Florian, Bryce invited her girlfriend for a special morning breakfast: after having their croissants and cappuccino, the piano started playing their song and the waiter brought a bouquet of beautiful red roses for her. Bryce went down on his knees, took her hand and proposed to her “will you marry me?”

All the people sitting around their tables clapped their hands, the square was full of people, some pigeons flight up on the square, the piano was playing and her eyes were sparkling.

That was a moment full of emotions. And again I am so grateful I have the possibility to share these important moments with people I barely know but thanks to photography I can keep as a part of my heart, now that I witnessed their promise and my photographs will cherish forever the moment she said yes.