Beyond being a wedding photographer – my full assistance to couples

In wedding planning I like to make sure that clients consider me as a point of reference beyond my profession: I am happy to provide suggestions when requested, I can help in the event organization so that it turns out unique and special; I can share my list of suppliers and I am at clients disposal to make wishes come true.

I love to share with couples the ideas regarding the mood, color and theme of their wedding, and this can help me capturing all the most important details and moments of they special day. That’s why I think it’s so important that couples meets and know in person the photographer they hire before the event.

During the wedding day itself I always try to be supportive, even in small things: I can keep brides calm when they’re too nervous before the ceremony starts, or I tell the bridesmaids when it’s time to bring the rings, sometimes I fix a hairdo and makeup when needed and… it’s all included in the price!

A Wedding is a very complex event and it’s important that couples have someone as a point of reference who perfectly knows the rhythms and the phases of the day in order to make everything go smooth.

Not only: For those who want to organize the wedding proposal I’m always enthusiastic to help in planning every detail in order to make the engagement surprise just unforgettable… should it be either on board of a gondola gently sliding through the small canals of Venice or on top of a green hill in the golden sunset light, the moment when you make the proposal and give her a shining ring must be perfect and absolutely unique! For engagement surprises I’m available to share contacts, recommend locations, provide flowers, music, logistics and everything you need to… make her say Yes!

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