Photography is Life

How many jobs gives you the possibility to enter in other’s people real lifes like photography does? I guess not so many.

Wedding photography, couple photo shooting, pregnancy photos and family portraits are all occasions to enter in someone else’s life and in the intimacy of real unrepeatable moments. This job is always an opportunity for me to get in contact with different people and realities, families and couples who have their own story to tell. And this is my photography: the emotions of a day, the joy of a moment, a memory that lasts for a lifetime.

Thanks to photography, sometimes I happen to witness incredible moments that will be remembered for a lifetime; Like a wedding proposal: unique, unrepeatable, perfect, sometimes long-awaited, often unexpected, always so exciting and moving. Or the pregnancy photo shootings, a magical moment in the life of a family, a unique time of waiting, joy, emotion and deep love.
And then the wedding of course, the day that everyone will remember forever even in the smallest details, perhaps one of the few moments in a person’s life that marks a before and an after, a unique opportunity for sharing, love, family, new beginning.
And this is what makes me love my job.
How many stories, how many lives and how many days I could witness, feel and tell with my photographs.

I’ll always remember a couple who contacted me for a wedding photo shoot a few years ago: entering a little in confidence during our first meeting they told me their intention to adopt a child, because unfortunately they did never have their own children so as soon as they decided to go for an adoption they decided to get married right away in order to start the practices.
And instead on their wedding day the bride had a special light in her eyes, she looked different somehow.
During the getting-ready she told me that she was feeling kind of strange and I was sure that was because the excitement of the day. But a few months later, when we met again for the wedding photos delivery, the bride shown me her beautiful little belly: “it’s a girl!” she said; I just couldn’t hold my tears.
She was no longer just a client anymore, we became somehow friends, and I was truly happy for her.
Later on, I had the pleasure to make a couple photo shooting for them a few weeks before the end of her pregnancy, to create a memory of this unique and totally unexpected moment.

This is how photography makes me enter into people’s lives and sometimes it can happen to share all the most important moments of a family: in 2014 I photographed a couple at their wedding, and a few years later the bride was pregnant so I photographed her during pregnancy and after birth we made some amazing family portraits of her and her beautiful daughter.

If I think that one day those photos will still be present in people’s houses, hanging on a wall or printed into a family album among their best memories, it makes me feel grateful and happy, and I love thinking that what I have created is still there.