Wedding in Murano island between art and glass

The story of how Melinda and Dan met and felt in love is one of those that makes you think that fate is already written somewhere: she’s a nurse at the hospital, burns department, he is a glass artist.
A small accident was the beginning of their love story.

They share their passion for Italy, art and glass handcraft. The opportunity to fly in the lagoon was the Glass Art Society Conference held in Murano last May, during which the two guys had the opportunity to meet some of the most famous glass Maestri and to visit the most important glass factories of the island.
The bride had a glass flower bouquet and the place where they got married was in front of a huge glass peace of art.
A symbolic ceremony celebrated by her brother, then a glass of Prosecco drank from the “goti” and a walk between small streets, colored houses, amazing views and the typical corners of Murano; they visited Davide Salvadore glass studio, who welcomed the newlyweds with other Prosecco and a really special gift for them.
A fun and romantic wedding, full of sunshine and vivid colors, two young artists and an island that with its uniqueness never fails to add a good dose of magic.